What is a Scribe?

To improve workflow, patient care and satisfaction, the introduction of the Medical Scribe or Clinical Information Manager (CIM) minimizes the healthcare provider's clerical functions while maximizing his/her clinical role. For the student, this hands-on experience develops an in-depth understanding of the medical environment, terminology and fundamentals of medical providers.

A Medical Scribe:

  • Follows a physician through the work day, charting patient encounters in real time using Electronic Health Record software and other templates.
  • Provides assistance with the clerical activities of doctors and mid-level providers.
  • Is under the direct oversight of the physician. The physician will review and approve actions to be taken at key junctures during patient care.
  • May gather laboratory results, radiology reports, medical records and other data for review by the physician.
  • May independently obtain past medical history, review of systems, social and family history.
  • Gathers data for all medical encounters.
  • Prepares discharge paperwork and/or prescriptions.
  • Serves as a customer-service liaison.
  • Prepares plans for follow-up care.


  • Punctuality
  • Follow and observe a physician for extended periods of time
  • Manage a stressful and fast-paced environment
  • Read, write and comprehend through listening
  • Speak fluent English (secondary languages may be required at some locations)
  • Operate a computer and/ or laptop through proficient typing, clicking and viewing a monitor for extended periods