"I have loved the opportunity to learn in this role about emergency medicine and I know this job has prepared me in so many ways for PA school this spring. I have also loved getting to work with each and every provider and scribe who made the work place so enjoyable. I will miss everyone and I wish everyone the best luck in the future!"


Rachel Carnicelli

"Working as a medical scribe in the ED at PinnacleHealth was a great experience for me. This opportunity has not only allowed me to be an active member of the healthcare team but also bolstered my aspiration to be a physician.  As I worked alongside with physicians and APCs, I developed a more accurate perspective what the career as a physician entails. I was able to observe various procedures, get a glimpse of the thinking process behind diagnoses, and above all, understand the importance of teamwork between the providers and the ancillary staff. This perfectly complements my hands-on experience and clinical skills gained during my role as an ED technician. I would highly recommend a scribe job as a great way to explore and prepare for a future career in medicine, regardless of the path one intends to pursue." 

Duc D.

"Being a medical scribe with C2 Solutions was hands-down the best experience I could have imagined as a pre-med student. The opportunities I had every single day to not only watch doctors, physicians assistants, and nurse practitioners as they treated patients, but to actually collaborate with them to make their day more successful was unbelievable. Working as a scribe and developing relationships with many different providers allowed me to understand exactly what and how providers think and make decisions. Combine that with the incredible variety of complaints and procedures I witnessed, and not to mention the terminology and language that became part of my everyday interactions, I have no doubt that working as a scribe will give me a huge advantage over other medical students and make me a much more well-rounded doctor in the future."

Stephen G.

"Scribing for C2 Solutions has been an invaluable opportunity for me. I have been able to learn so much about the various ED healthcare professions, the ways to properly give patient care, and of course, all of the documenting strategies. As a scribe accompanying the provider, you get to witness all the details from the first interaction to the final diagnosis. As for my interviews for Physician Assistant school, I had such great experiences to talk about, which I believe gave me an edge to other applicants. I was given offers from two schools, and ultimately accepted the offer to Lock Haven University. This job has given me such a fantastic insight into what my future holds and was truly a great help into getting accepted to PA school."

Muranda M.

"Working as a medical scribe for C2 Solutions has been an amazing experience and a critical step in my journey towards a career in medicine. I have gained an incredible amount of knowledge and clinical experience while working side-by-side with physicians and filling out patient charts. I have been accepted to University of Maryland School of Medicine, Penn State Hershey College of Medicine, and The Commonwealth Medical College.

Working as a medical scribe was paramount to my acceptance to medical school, as my experiences enhanced my application and my ability to interview. I was often asked questions in interviews that I would not have been able to answer if not for my experience as a scribe, and interviewers were always impressed when I described my work as a scribe. The skills I have developed through working as a scribe, such as documenting a patient’s history and physical exam, will give me an advantage as a medical student and will continue to serve me throughout my medical career."

Matt M.