• Because C2 Solutions is built on extensive real-world Emergency Department experience, we know precisely providers and hospitals need and expect from scribes.
  • Your training with C2 Solutions is intense and thorough. Before your first shift begins, you are prepared to be an effective and efficient asset.
  • You will work side-by-side with providers throughout their encounter with patients. You will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the language, culture and procedure that will eventually be learned through medical school study. It will now become part of your fabric, your lexicon of process and procedure.
  • Building professional relationships today may prove beneficial on graduation from medical school. Instead of just "another resume," scribes who perform well and stand out now will, in time, be standouts when the eventual job search begins. This networking experience may lead to your personal references that include the recognized physicians you've worked with through your scribe experience.
  • You will have had an opportunity to evaluate potential job markets prior to finishing your professional degree.